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Kehinde Wiley

I’d be really interested to learn what percentage of paintings in museums are of white dudes. 50% percent possibly in more modern collections. Potentially 70% or more in traditional enclaves of Western Art. At the National Portrait Gallery’s Presidential hall it is 100%. At least until 2018, when a gentleman of color will finally join their ranks.

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Who Bought the $450 Million Da Vinci?

The recording breaking purchase of Leonard Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi has shocked the art world. $450 Million for a painting — and one that has been seriously damaged and painted over — indicates a new level of insanity for the art market. We could ruminate on how this sale illustrates the paradoxical relationship of art and capitalism. Or, we could turn our mental faculties to something juicer: who bought it?

Below, a somewhat facetious but sorta probable list of potential buyers:

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